Saturday, January 7, 2017

Swachch Bharat vs GMC

আমাৰ গুৱাহাটীৰ ঘৰৰ সন্মূখৰ আলিবাটটো আজি দুদিনমান ধৰি চফা হৈয়েই আছিল৷ ৰাতিপুৱা অলপ মৰ্নিং-ৱাক কৰিব পাৰিছিলোঁ৷ এদিন দেখিলোঁ পৌৰসভাৰ কিছুমান কৰ্মী আহি গেলা নলাবোৰৰ পৰা কৃষ্ণবৰণীয়া আবৰ্জনাবোৰ খান্দি উলিয়াই ৰাষ্টাৰ কাষতে পেলাই থলে৷ তাৰ ওপৰেদি গাড়ীবোৰ গৈ সকলো চেদেলি ভেদেলি কৰি পেলালে৷ গোটেইখন ক’লা মলময় হৈ পৰিল৷ খোজ কাঢ়ি যাবলৈ ঘীণ ল’গা হ’ল৷ ৰাষ্টাটোৰ সৌন্দৰ্য্য কাঢ়ি নিয়াৰ লগতে এই কাৰ্যই গোটেই পৰিবেশটো অস্বাস্থ্যকৰ কৰি পেলালে !!

We used to go for morning walk and our kids used to play and ride bycles in the evening in Ashok Path and Sanjog Path of Beltola Area of Guwahati. One find morning, we saw few workers from Guwahati Municipal Corporation and/or PWD dept started to dig out the dirty drains and left the black unhygienic mud on the roadside for days (photograph attached for your reference). With vehicular traffic, the dirt started to spread out and make the road very dirty and unhygienic. We feel uncomfortable to walk in this previously beautiful road and we can no longer allow the kids to play and ride bicycles in the road. We have repeatedly complained to the corporation, however, no action has been taken for days. They often give the logic that the wet mud need to dry so that it can be picked up for disposal. This is completely unacceptable as the wet black mud have the higher risk of spreading various deseases. They can make provisions like placing non-leaking plastic-sheets in the track or use a water-proof tanker for carrying these dirt.

 This is actually a common sight in various parts of Guwahati city. At a time when the Modi govt is promoting "Swachch Bharat", thanks to GUWAHATI MUNICIPAL CORPORATION for reversing the govt`s efforts.

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