Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Concrete Steps : NRC


In my humble opinion, it is high time the Government or the Honorable Supreme Court lay out concrete steps for the illegal foreigners after NRC is finalized. With the "Iron hand with velvet gloves" philosophy, a firm but humanitarian legal system need to be framed and declared as soon as possible. If a humanitarian future is known for them, some will not be desperate to prove themselves as citizens by hook or crook during the forthcoming re-verification process of those left out in the final NRC draft.

The Government should also declare an Amnesty Program for self-declaring illegal immigrants with hugely reduced punishments - it will lessen the burden to the Foreigners Tribunals. In many middle-eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE etc, time-bound Amnesty Programs are declared with reduced punishments like no jail terms and rewards like free air tickets to their countries of origin. The programs are hugely successful, with many illegal immigrants surrendering to the authorities and availing the benefits, rather than got caught and languish in their jails. This reduces the burden on the legal and administrative systems as well. Similar win-win mechanism can be brought in for the current illegal immigrants of Assam as well.

Finally, if a proven/declared illegal immigrant wants to be legally Indian Citizen, the process or criteria should also be published.

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